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Dear Ms. A,

Thanks for your message. Here in TY we believe routine medical check-ups have to be professionally done by a doctor, and like any clinical visit, should start with the client’s medical history, followed by a proper physical examination. Only then can we suggest laboratory, imaging or other investigations, with reference to the following 5 factors:

  1. Family medical history

  2. Past medical history

  3. Present medical issues

  4. Physical findings

  5. Budget

We always emphasize to every single client that a medical check-up is the start of improving their health. Our doctors will give our clients professional suggestions according to the results of the check-up, and the latter should be prepared to comply with our advice in order to lead a healthier living.

Too often in Hong Kong, practitioners or institutions in our field want their clients to believe that routine medical check-ups are just sets of laboratory/imaging tests that can be universally applied to clients of different ages, genders and medical backgrounds. With this kind of non-clinical, one-size-fits-all approach the practitioners or institutions can make some fast and easy money, but the clients will certainly end up having too few necessary tests and too many unnecessary tests. Besides, they do not get any proper medical advice to improve their health. This is not only an undesirable situation, but also professional negligence in TY standard.

I’m sure the above has answered most of your questions. If you need any further information regarding medical check-ups, please feel free to contact me via email again, or call 2388 0191 to talk to me directly.

Best regards,

Dr Terence Chow

Medical Director



1. 家族病歷

2. 過往病歷

3. 現存之醫學問題

4. 臨床檢查之發現

5. 費用預算





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