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International Medical Assistance

TY Solutions Limited has trusting relationship with emergency assistance service organizations in over 80 countries worldwide. Our experienced medical team is proud to assist those in need offering emergency assistance services - globally, around-the-clock


What we do


  • Offer 24-hour emergency service hotline

  • Provide immediate professional medical consultation

  • Provide out-patient and house-call services by the doctor in-charge

  • Execute emergency service all over the world with our 24-hour medical team

  • Monitor progress of each case closely with electronic record and tracking system 
    anytime, anywhere




  • Medical Referral

  • Medical Report

  • Case Progress Monitoring

  • Medical Fee Guarantee

  • Worldwide Emergency Assistance and Repatriation

  • Occupational Safety Inspection and Authentication

  • Clinic Establishment and Operation

  • Indemnification Consultation

  • Hotline Support and Management

  • Non-medical Assistance Services


Medical Assistance


  • Refer patients to appropriate medical unit and assist with appointment booking and public transport arrangement

  • Guarantee hospital fee for those requiring hospital admission

  • Support the daily needs for patient’s family

  • Maintain close contact with the doctor-in-charge to monitor patient’s condition and ensure proper treatments are given

  • Release medical reports on schedule

  • Arrange second medical opinion

  • Contact patient’s family, employer, insurance agency, etc… and report to the appropriate personnel

  • Arrange medical assistance and repatriation for patient abroad

  • Plan and book appropriate means of transportation

  • Assist with rental of medically-equipped aeroplane or helicopter

  • Arrange seat or fixed stretcher on civil aviation for patient

  • Coordinate with relevant government department to arrange for repatriation

  • Offer on-site occupational safety inspection for local and overseas units

  • Provide professional occupational health opinion to improve the working environment and minimize potential risks

  • Evaluate the healthcare facilities and medical schedule

  • Design proper solution for emergency assistance

  • Launch clinics for local or overseas’ companies, construction sites, or factories

  • Manage and operate a variety of medical equipment

  • Provide professional advice on purchasing of suitable medial equipment

  • Allocate manpower and assist with recruitment for all levels of healthcare personnel

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